To help us increase our understanding of the cyanobacteria dynamics in Canandaigua Lake and to provide public notification on the safety of the water, CLWA is working with the Canandaigua Lake Watershed Council (CLWC), the Finger Lakes Institute (FLI), Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association, and the New York State Department of Enviornmental Conservation (NYS DEC) on a Shoreline Harmful Algae Bloom Monitoring Program.

Volunteers are trained to visually observe blooms and collect water samples for analysis on a weekly basis, from August through October, and record their findings online using a system developed by Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association. Volunteer reports and sample results help us assess overall lake conditions, and allows us to send timely public notifications about our water quality during the bloom season. Findings are reported on our website, Facebook page and in our email blasts.

All data collected through this program is shared with statewide and local researchers, and contributes to the ongoing research efforts to monitor Canandaigua Lake.

2022 Canandaigua Lake Water Quality Updates

Each Friday, CLWA along with our partners at the Candandaigua Lake Watershed Council post updates on the current lake conditions.

View the latest news here.

2022 Interactive Bloom Map

The interactive bloom map and volunteer program reporting is thanks to a partnership with Seneca Lake Pure Waters.

PLEASE NOTE: Water quality conditions can change daily, if not hourly. This map serves as a record of the  reports that have come in this season and may not indicate current lake conditions. Please continue to use your visual indicators and look for suspicious algal activity before recreating in the lake. If no blooms are observed during the sampling week, then no markers will appear.

Map tips:

    • Reported blooms are represented by the colored dots.
      • Red dots represent a “Small Localized Bloom”
      • Blue dots represent a “Large Localized Bloom”
      • Purple dots represent a “Widespread” Bloom
    • Clicking on a dot will bring up a window with data associated with the reported bloom as well as links to any photos.

This interactive map and volunteer program reporting is thanks to a partnership with Seneca Lake Pure Waters.

If no dots appear on the interactive bloom map, that means no blooms have been reported.

2022 Bloom Status

This summer, CLWA has 70 trained volunteers monitoring the Canandaigua Lake shoreline. Volunteers report on a Friday- Thursday window for a total of 13 weeks.

The below table highlights the number of surveys and the number of blooms for the current week, previous week, and total for the entire season thus far.

How you can report suspicious blooms

Help by collecting information on blooms:

  • Location (GPS coordinates, address, or geographic description of the area )
  • Photos
  • Description – Was it streaky, globby, thread-like, like spilled paint, like pea soup, scummy, silky, or have small leaves? What color was it?
  • How large of an area did it cover?
  • How long was it there?

Report Suspected Blooms to

Trained Volunteers can use this link to report the activty in their zones.


560 Shoreline Surveys

View the list of the 2020 HABs Program Results here.

70 Confirmed Blooms

2021 Confirmed Bloom results can be found here.

70 Volunteers

CLWA Thanks the following volunteers for their participation in the 2021 Shoreline HABs Monitoring Program:

Jarret Apple
Neil Atkins
Sandy Behan
Ted Boglione
Dave Bornholdt
Amy Bowen
Brad Braddon
Brendan Brady
Barbara Braun
Betty Brayer
Patti Brazill
Susan Carpenter
Debbie Cole-Wenderlich
Dee Crofton
Kelly Davis
Linda Donahue
Kevin Fager
Beth Fladd
Cathy Gardner
Terese Genecco
Donna Graham
Nadia Harvieux
Brittany Haskins
Scott Hill
Saralinda Hooker
Peggy Jamieson
Nancy Kanniainen
Martin Kaufman
Greg Kern
Kathy Kirsch
Lynn Klotz
Richard Krebs
Scott Kreher
Marty Lasher
Richard Lefebvre
Charlotte & Cole Mann
Kevin Marcell
Ann & Pat McCormick
Richard McGavern
Marie McNabb
Cynthia Mellen
Douglas Merrill
Elaine & Paul Messina
Ryan Mor
Sally Napolitano
Margie O’Jea
Maureen & Tom O’Rourke
Kevin OBrien
Joe Pagano
Kathy Page
Joel Pasternack
Kathy Postma
Dorothy Roach
Janie Runion & Mark Marshark
Sharon Sanford
Amanda Slisz
Case Smeenk
Terry Smith
David Smitth
Lynn Thurston
Steve & Ellen Uebbing
Judy VonBucher
Chuck Wochele
William Yust
Steve Zumbo

665 Volunteer Hours

Between program planning, attending trainings, performing weekly surveys, water sampling, and driving to labs to submit samples for analysis, our dedicated group of volunteers put in a total of 665 hours to support our HABs program in 2020. We thank each and every one for their commitment to the program!


2022 Volunteer Shoreline HABs Training