Water Quality Update for September 16, 2022

Current Lake Conditions:

Harmful Algae Blooms: No Blooms Reported

Average Secchi Disk Water Clarity: 4.93 meters

Average Surface Water Temperature: 72.6 F

Lake Level: 687.88 feet above sea level (desired level 688.25) Main gates have been closed all summer and feeder canal is at minimum required flow.

This week was a quiet one for HABs, with no blooms reported. Shoreline HAB monitors have been reporting clear conditions this week with no visual evidence of cyanobacteria streaks or surface accumalations. Water temperatures are cooling down, and we are beginning to feel the shift into the fall season.

This is a change from last week’s update and last week’s HABs reporting, which recorded 8 confirmed blooms in the lake.

We have received several lake foam reports this week – areas where foam was being pushed by wave and wind action along shorelines. There were also reports of foam streaks going along the length of the lake. The timing of the foam seems consistent with previous years – although foam can also be found throughout the seasons in Canandaigua Lake. Since foam is sticky in nature, it can concentrate cyanobacteria and other substances at higher levels than in the surrounding environment, so exercise caution when coming into contact with foam.

For more information on past foam research, check out the CLWA website: https://www.canandaigualakeassoc.org/water-quality/lake-foam/. Residents are also welcomed to submit foam reports using a simple survey embedded on the bottom of the webpage. Researchers are monitoring the reports coming in.

Please continue to use your visual indicators when recreating in the lake – conditions may change daily, if not hourly, so look for signs of surface streaking of algae, surface scums, or green/discolored water. These areas should be avoided.

Have a great weekend everyone!