Water Quality Update for July 29, 2022

July 29, 2022
Current Lake Conditions:
Harmful Algae Blooms: No Blooms Reported
Average Secchi Disk Water Clarity: 5.25 meters
Average Surface Water Temperature: 76.3 F

We’ve had a lot of touchpoints around the lake this week as our great group of citizen scientists have been performing shoreline harmful algae bloom surveys, taking secchi disk water clarity readings, and doing high-powered microscope work to look at changes in the algal community. With so many eyes on the lake, we are still able to report “no blooms” this week.

We are seeing an increase in duckweed and watermeal (Lemna spp. and Wolfia spp., respectively) in recent days. Yesterday’s heavy, yet short rain event likely flushed some of these tiny floating aquatic plants out of the West River system. Prevailing winds can push duckweed and watermeal into coves or along shorelines and can easily be mistaken for a HAB, especially when observed from a distance.  Duckweed and watermeal do not produce toxins and are not harmful to human or pet health, but it’s always good to take a close look to see if it is mixed in with a HAB before coming in contact.

Closeup of duckweed on rocks
along the shoreline
Image of duckweed and watermeal being washed in by waves on 7/28 in Cottage City

The flushing of these aquatic plants can also mean that nutrients are moving through the system, which can fuel algal growth. As we transition into August and see forecasted temperatures in the low 90s, CLWA along with our partners will keep a diligent eye on the lake conditions.

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