Water Quality Update for August 5, 2022

August 5, 2022
Current Lake Conditions:
Harmful Algae Blooms: No Blooms Reported
Average Secchi Disk Water Clarity: 5.82 meters
Average Surface Water Temperature: 77.4 F
Good afternoon everyone! We will keep this week’s update short and sweet  – no blooms have been reported this week.
The average surface temperature has increased by 1.1 degrees fahrenheit from last week’s recorded average temperature of 76.3 degrees F.  As surface water temps increase and we shift into that mid-August timeframe, our volunteers and watershed staff are keeping an active eye on water quality, with 148 shoreline surveys completed already this summer!  From previous year’s data, we know that mid-August has been a time where we’ve historically started to see isolated pockets of cyanobacteria along shoreline areas. Secchi disk water clarity readings did increase from last week, but the weekly average is trending slightly below this time last year. All this information gathered by our community scientists is taken into account when looking at the current status of the lake, and where we might head in the near future. We thank each of our incredible volunteers for their commitment to consistent and accurate reporting.
Until then –  jump on it, and enjoy the hot weekend ahead! And please consider joining us at the CLWA Annual Meeting on Tuesday, August 16th at 7 PM via zoom as we hear from our Department of Environmental Conservation Watershed Hub Representative Tony Presigiacomo. Tony will share insights from his HABs intensive research study on Canandaigua Lake. Information on how to register can be found below!
Today, we saw some much-needed rain across portions of the watershed. The DEC recently put out information about current drought conditions, and although Ontario and Yates County have not hit drought status, we are in a “drought watch”. There are no statewide mandatory water use restrictions in place under a drought watch, but residents are strongly encouraged to voluntarily conserve water.
Check out this incredible image of this afternoon’s rains rolling across the watershed, captured at 1:45 pm today from the scenic overlook at County Road 12 in South Bristol. Thanks to Grant Taylor Photography for sharing this image with us.
Image by Grant Taylor Photography, 8/5/2022
Join us on Tuesday, August 16th at 7:00 PM via zoom for the CLWA Annual Meeting! Learn more about current watershed initiatives, participate in board member elections, and tune in for the announcement of the 2022 Photo Contest winners.
After the business meeting, stay for a presentation with Anthony Prestigiacomo, Research Scientist with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation titled Harmful Algal Blooms in Deep Places: A Finger Lakes Case Study.
CLWA counts on our members’ participation at this annual event – please register today to receive your link!