Water Quality Update for August 25, 2023

Current Lake Conditions 

Harmful Algal Blooms:  None Confirmed 

Average Secchi Disk Water Clarity:  6.2 meters

Average Surface Water Temperature:  73.1 degrees F

Lake Level (as of 9:15 this morning):  688.99’ above sea level

No CyanoHABs have been confirmed on Canandaigua Lake this week.

One of our shoreline monitoring volunteers reported conditions near the pier in the City of Canandaigua that appeared suspicious; we collected a sample for analysis but do not believe it will prove to be a cyanotoxic bloom.

However, water quality conditions can change rapidly so continue to make informed decisions about your recreational activities by looking for signs of active blooms such as surface streaking or a pea soup-like appearance of the water. Please email HABs@canandaigualakeassoc.org with any questions.

Have a great weekend!