Secchi Disk & Temperature at Depth Program Highlight with Joel Pasternack

We joined Joel Pasternack, a CLWA Board Member and Community Science Volunteer, to learn about our Secchi Disk and Temperature at Depth programs.

Watch our short video to learn more about how and why we monitor Canandaigua Lake for water clarity and temperature at various depths.

Secchi Disk Program: The goal of the Secchi Disk program is to contribute to the overall water quality monitoring efforts on Canandaigua Lake by tracking changes in water clarity. This data is important because significant decreases in water clarity over a short period of time can indicate an active algae bloom.

Temperature at Depth Program: Joel explains the importance of measuring the temperature through the water column to gain a better understanding of the changes in the Thermocline. The Thermocline is a transitional barrier or layer of water in which the water temperature changes rapidly.