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Science and Education Watershed Education Program

The Watershed Education Program was created in 2007 to teach local students about the Canandaigua Lake Watershed and its great importance to our region. The watershed workshops offered in area schools have been a huge success with students and teachers alike.

The program has grown tremendously and has expanded to offer classroom workshops for primary and elementary grade levels and water monitoring field trips for local middle school classes.

The Watershed Education Program’s effective curriculum engages students to learn about our local environment with hands-on activities designed to correlate with NYS curriculum standards.

CLWA and Watershed Education Program co-sponsor, Canandaigua Lake Watershed Council, are proud to be educating the next generation of stewards fro Canandaigua Lake.

​Here’s a storm drain marking project with the Girl Scouts:

What are area students learning about our Watershed?

  • More than 70,000 people depend on Canandaigua Lake for quality drinking water and a clean place to swim, boat, fish, and play.
  • How we use the land around the lake directly affects our water quality.
  • A healthy Watershed supports a healthy ecosystem!
  • It’s everyone’s responsibility to help preserve the quality of the Watershed.

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To learn more about the Watershed Education Program, please e-mail program coordinator and educator Beth Altemus at