2020 Water Quality Updates

Water Quality Update for August 7, 2020
Many areas of the lake remain bloom free. However, we have received reports this week of surface streaking and “dots” in the water. We had a bloom in the Crystal Beach area on Monday 8/3 which was sampled and results came back above the bloom threshold of 25
ug/L (micrograms per liter). There has also been about a meter reduction in clarity throughout the lake system. However, many volunteers that surveyed this week did not see blooms. So overall, this information means that the lake is experiencing some isolated blooms that tend to be transient in nature. Read More

Water Quality Update for July 31, 2020
The vast majority of the lake continues to be free of any Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs). Lake researcher from Finger Lakes Community College, Patty Thompson, completed her monthly sampling of the lake yesterday and saw no surface concentrations of algae in the lake and had low chlorophyll-a levels (indirect measurement of algae) at each of the six locations sampled. The Watershed Manager Kevin Olvany was also on the lake Thursday afternoon/evening and saw no concentrations of algae at the surface. Water clarity as measured by the use of secchi disk was in the 6.0-6.5-meter range. In addition, numerous shoreline visits by the Watershed Manager showed clear conditions in most locations.  Read More

Water Quality Update for July 24, 2020
We hate to be writing our first water quality update in late July, but we are learning that conditions are becoming favorable for potential cyanobacteria (blue green algae) blooms on the lake. On Thursday, July 23rd, there was a reported bloom in the Crystal Beach area. A sample was collected and analyzed, and it was confirmed to be above the DEC threshold (25 ug/L – micrograms per liter) to be considered a Harmful Algae Bloom (HAB). Read More

Water Quality Update for June 24, 2020
Please see the following press release from Ontario County Public Health regarding the misreporting of the Butler Road beach closure. Read More