2019 Water Quality Updates

Water Quality Update for August 21, 2019 

The Department of Health has been working closely with the beach operators and municipal officials around the lake and the following beaches have been closed until further notice: Kershaw Beach, Deep Run, West Lake Road School House Beach, Onanda Park and the Canandaigua Yacht Club (private beach). Read more here.

Water Quality Update for August 20, 2019 

We are seeing very different conditions today with the hot, calm weather allowing the BGA to concentrate at
the surface. We are seeing extensive blooms in the northern half of the lake. Clarity has dropped by almost
two meters in the north basin in 48 hours and we are seeing extensive blooms along the east and west
shoreline and many bloom patches and lots of streaking in the mid lake area. Further south near Onanda Park,
water clarity is somewhat better with Secchi disk readings of 5.7 meters. However, we were still seeing
significant dots in the water column in this area. We have had some reports of surface streaking in the
southern half of the lake as well. Read more here. 

Water Quality Update for August  19, 2019 

Since Friday’s update we have had a lot of rain and some wind. That has helped to keep the surface concentrations of blue green algae (BGA) fairly low in most areas.  Please remember that this is a 10,500 acre lake with 36 miles of shoreline- so there can be some significant variability. Read more here.

Water Quality Update for August 16, 2019

With the calm winds and hot temperatures today we are starting to get additional reports of surface streaking and significant dots in the water both along the shoreline area and in the middle of the lake.  Conditions today and through the weekend are ripe for additional concentrations of algae and there is a likelihood of more extensive blooms.   Read more here. 

Water Quality Update for August 14, 2019

We are beginning to receive reports of cyanobacteria (blue green algae) concentrations on the lake. Watershed Staff will be out in the field today to assess the situation. Our trained HABs volunteers are also providing reports from shoreline areas. As we learn more about the overall lake conditions, we will be providing water quality updates throughout the week. Read more here.