Make The Switch to LED Flares

Ring-of-Fire is almost here!

 Traditionally, each Labor Day weekend, incendiary highway flares lit up the perimeter of the lake, casting a beautiful red glow known as the Ring-of-Fire. 

While generating a familiar fizz and bright light, they also leave behind potassium perchlorate smoke and ash which contaminate the air, soil, and lake.  The intense heat can cause burns and those metal spikes are quite sharp!

Please consider a lake-friendly option this summer: LED flares

$1 for every flare sold through Cele-Brite will be donated to CLWA!

The Canandaigua Lake Watershed Association has found an environmentally sensitive alternative without compromising a modern nod to the long-standing Seneca Nation tradition of the Ring-of-Fire!   

We invite all lake-side residents to join with the numerous area lakes in NY and OH that have taken a pledge to convert to LED flares, cutting down on the use of approximately 77,000 incendiary flares. 

2023 marks the 3rd year of CLWA’s goal of having 100% conversion from chemical flares to LEDs along the lakeside. There are just a few weeks until Labor Day Weekend, please order yours today!

Amazon – brand name – Cele-brite:

Thanks to the grass-roots effort of long-time CLWA volunteer and member Greg Talomie, $1 will be donated to CLWA for each flare sold through Cele-Brite (hurry, now through Saturday, September 2nd)! 

 Hundreds of dollars have already been gifted to 3 other lakes from sales for their July 4th celebrations!

These LEDs are reusable and:

  • Resemble traditional flares
  • Run 90 – 100 hours
  • Use 3, regular or rechargeable AAA  batteries
  • Have 2 other modes (flicker & flashlight)
  • Stand in magnetic, weighted bases
  • 2-packs come in a plastic carrying case, perfect for the boat or vehicle


PLEASE dispose of your used batteries appropriately. Recycling batteries keeps heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and nickel out of landfills. If released, these metals may be harmful to humans and the environment. Ask your town or trash hauler about their battery diversion program!