Lake Friendly Lawn Care Program

healthy lawns healthy lakeDo you practice healthy lawn care? Are you proud of the efforts you take to reduce your impact on the lake? Then join CLWA to encourage best practices by becoming a Lake-Friendly Lawn Care leader!

Excess nutrients in our lake can contribute to harmful algal blooms, increased aquatic plant growth, and the degradation of our water quality. As a member of CLWA, we know you care about preserving the integrity of our beautiful lake for years to come.

Many of you are already eliminating (or significantly limiting) your fertilizer use, planting rain gardens or vegetative buffers, and tolerating  weeds and pests before considering pesticides and herbicides. That’s why we are excited to announce that CLWA is now offering lawn signs to our members that are committed to incorporating healthy lawn care and landscape practices! Signs can be displayed proudly on your property to let your neighbors know that you are doing your part to protect the lake by practicing Lake-Friendly Lawn Care.

lawn care signGet involved!
Signs are free for dues-paying CLWA members. Stop by an upcoming CLWA event, chat with our board members, sign a pledge card, and take home your own lawn sign. Or call the CLWA office at (585) 394-5030 and make arrangements to pick one up.




Check out our resources for more information: 

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Pledge Card

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CLWA Reccomendations for Lake- friendly lawn care


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Homeowners Lawn Care and Water Quality Almanac

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 E-Book with video links:
Lawn Care: The Easiest Steps to an Attractive Environmental Asset