Membership Voting

CLWA asks our members to cast your votes on the proposed slate of board members and By-law updates using the form below.

CLWA recommends the following seven candidates for board positions. There are three steps we need you to follow: 

  1. Please scroll through all candidates and vote for all you agree to.
  2. Respond to the additional two questions – to read the proposed By-law changes, click here.
  3. Click ‘Done’ in order for your answers to be submitted.

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Proposed By-law Changes 

The Board is asking the members to approve several changes to the By-laws of the Corporation effecting the manner in which directors and officers are elected. See proposed Draft By-law changes here. Below is a summary of the changes the board is proposing.

  1. In Article II Sections 3 and 4, we are proposing the Past President and President Elect, who are officers of the corporation, be elected for two year terms making their terms the same as the other officers, and we propose to clarify that an officer’s position that becomes vacant between annual meetings may also be filled by the Directors until the next annual meeting. 
  2. In Article IV section 3 we propose adding the Past President to the executive committee in order to best utilize the experience of that officer to the organization.
  3. In Article V Section1 and 2 the Directors propose changing the language to provide that the President serves a 2 year term, as is consistent with Article II, and in Section 2 that all officers shall serve a 2 year term as is consistent with both the existing and proposed Article II as set forth above.
  4.  In Article VI we propose adding a new section 4 providing for the Annual Meeting to be held with virtual participation of members in the future. This year the NY Attorney General has issued an Executive Order permitting all NY not-for-profit corporations to hold their annual membership meeting virtually because of the current pandemic. We propose changing the By-laws to allow for participation virtually in the future for members who may be unable to attend in person. Proposed amendment is as follows:

Section 4. Virtual Participation of Members at Annual Meeting. Unless otherwise restricted by the Certificate of Incorporation or By-laws, any one or more Members who is not physically present may be present for purposes of participation in the meeting and constituting a quorum by electronic communication, or delivery of a proxy to a Director or to any person who is present in person at the meeting, for all purposes including presence of a quorum, and to provide for the person holding the proxy to cast the Members vote on any question properly brought before the Annual Meeting.  Participation by such means shall constitute presence at the meeting as long as the Member so participating has been provided with proper notice of the content of actions to be taken at the meeting in written form prior to the meeting and is given an opportunity to communicate with other members either present in fact or electronically or through written statement to all members if presence is waived by way of a proxy.