2019 Annual Appeal.

The challenges to protect watershed health have increased, and we need your support now more than ever to ensure that these threats are addressed through innovative programs, partnerships, and projects.

Here are the projects your gift will support in 2019-2020:

CLWA seeks to investigate the large foaming events that have been occurring on Canandaigua Lake by engaging with a team of global researchers. Funding will support a defined research project to help identify potential contributing sources to the lake foam and research the pollutants that may accumulate in the foam and surrounding water. Lake Foam research: $17,000

As water quality concerns increase, research efforts must also grow to aid in the development potential mitigation strategies.  CLWA will be working with our partners to support increased water quality and environmental monitoring in the Summer of 2019. The investment includes the purchase of new monitoring technology to allow for continuous data collection on the lake.

  • lake temperature profiler to be installed just north of the City of Canandaigua’s water treatment facility to collect water temperatures at multiple depths monitor thermocline disruptions. The information collected, paired with shoreline HAB monitoring, will help us gain a better understanding of the near shore dynamics. Thermistor Array: $1,500
  • Funds to support the purchase of two weather stations to be tied into Cornell University’s Network for Environment and Weather Applications (NEWA). High-quality weather data is needed to compliment the increased water quality sampling that will be occurring 2019. Two Weather stations: $3,000

Thanks to YOUR generosity in 2018, CLWA was able to lauch our shoreline Harmful Algae Bloom Monitoring Program, to continue boats inspections at the lake’s two busiest launch sites (over 16,000 boats checked by watercraft stewards!), and to deliver educational programs to the agricultural community through creative partnership efforts.

We ask that you consider matching or increasing last year’s donation to support these important initiatives. Help us take the next steps toward maintaining healthy land and clean water!

We are asking for your support—above and beyond what your membership dues already help us accomplish. Please join with us in expanding our efforts to preserve, protect, and promote the Canandaigua Lake watershed.