Annual Appeal

2018 Annual Appeal

CLWA has developed a list of community projects that will enhance the beauty, enjoyment, and environmental health of the lake and its watershed. We are asking you to assist us in these endeavors. Here are the projects we hope you will support in 2018

  • CONTINUATION OF THE AQUATIC INVASIVE SPECIES PROGRAM:Once aquatic invasive species are established, eradication is almost impossible – so preventing the transport is the most cost effective option for protecting our lakes. Funding supports the placement of Watercraft Stewards seven days a week at the lake’s two busiest launch sites. GOAL: $8,000
  • SUPPORT TO WETLAND RESTORATION INITIATIVES: CLWA will work with regional partners including the Watershed Council on wetland restoration projects to help capture and filter pollutants before they enter the lake. Funding will support the Fallbrook Creek water quality and flood resiliency project, which will convey peak flows during runoff events to a 17-acre water treatment area on the FLCC campus to remove pollutants and reduce downstream flooding issues. Additional projects may include the Parish Flats project in Naples, and educational programs for the agricultural community, landowners, and community planners. GOAL: $10,000
  • DELIVERY OF CITIZEN SCIENCE WATER QUALITY MONITORING PROGRAMS:  CLWA is spearheading a new Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) Shoreline Monitoring Program to help us gain a more thorough understanding of cyanobacteria dynamics in Canandaigua Lake. The program will train citizen science volunteers to actively monitor for and sample HABs, with a goal of covering the 36 miles of shoreline. Funding for this important program will support water quality monitoring materials for volunteers, and a significant investment in new lab equipment to analyze HABs samples. GOAL: $10,000

We are asking for your support—above and beyond what your membership dues already help us accomplish. Please join with us in expanding our efforts to preserve, protect, and promote the Canandaigua Lake watershed.