CLWA 2021 Photo and Video Contest Winners


1st Place:

Lake Cheer
By: Allyson Lane

2nd Place:

A “Little” Love at the Lake
By: Leslee Rice

3rd Place:

Boat Houses
By: Stephen Barsell

Honorable Mention:

Nice Day for Sailing
By: Martha Unrath

Honorable Mention:

A hot air balloon approaches the surface of Canandaigua Lake.
By: Anson Stiles

Most Popular:

Fall Foliage on the Lake
By: Diane Dersch

Video Honorable Mention:

Canandaigua Lake Boating!
By: Leah Ronk

Our 2021 Annual Photo and Video Contest is Now Closed


Winners will receive great local prizes and placement in our 2022 CLWA Photo Calendar!

The contest closed July 31st. Entries found at


Our panel of judges reviewed and selected the top 3 winners and 2 honorable mentions in the photo category and 1 honorable mention in our video category based on overall creativity, aesthetics, and representation of the watershed. The most popular winner was chosen by the general public based on the number of Facebook votes it received.