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Dark Times for Bats

October 28 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Join us for a discussion of the bats of New York, in which we will learn of their unique natural history that for thousands of years made them masters in the hidden world of the night sky. Join in the discussion of how researchers were just beginning to understand their world in New York when,  in just the last few decades,  many of these same traits have become a liability that has suddenly put many species at risk of extinction.  Learn of the Columbian Exchange and how it is affecting not just bats, but many other species in your back yard, and how global warming looms over us all as the greatest threat our society has ever faced.  Learn how you can make a difference.

Al Hicks was the mammal specialist for New York State’s endangered species program from its inception in 1979 to his retirement in 2010.  In that role he established the first comprehensive monitoring program of bat distribution and abundance ever conducted in the state, and one of the very first in the country.  It was the New York Team that discovered the disease White-Nose Syndrome,  which has caused the largest die-off of mammals ever recorded and  continues to this day.

After  retirement he founded a  consulting company that did bat-related studies.  In the last three years he has become a volunteer with Citizens’ Climate Lobby, a non-partisan, non profit, international organization focused entirely on climate change, which works with elected officials at all levels to find and implement effective solutions to the climate crisis.


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October 28
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


FLCC Stage 14