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Secchi Disk & Temperature at Depth Program Highlight with Joel Pasternack

We joined Joel Pasternack, a CLWA Board Member and Community Science Volunteer, to learn about our Secchi Disk and Temperature at Depth programs. Watch our short video to learn more about how and why we monitor Canandaigua Lake for water

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CLWA Receives Grant for PFAs Research

CLWA has received grant funding through Freshwater Future for research into Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) on Canandaigua Lake. This project proposes to look at a potentially understudied contaminant in the Finger Lakes and the role it might play in

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Informing the Public and Advancing Research: The Crucial Value of CLWA Citizen Science

If you participate in or follow the programs led by the Aquatic Citizen Science Committee, you have undoubtedly heard us use the phrase “eyes on the lake.” Those “eyes” refer to the nearly 80 volunteers CLWA relies on each year

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Take-a-Dip Secchi Disk Water Clarity Monitoring

TAKE A DIP WATER CLARITY MONITORING By Dee Crofton & Lindsay McMillan Have you ever been out enjoying a day on the lake and seen someone reeling in an odd-looking black and white disk from the side of their kayak,

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Studying Water Temperature at Depth

Studying Water Temperature at Depth By Joel Pasternack, CLWA Board Member Canandaigua Lake has changed in many ways over the past 50 years.  While the lake is still beautiful for recreation, and a source of drinking water, there have been

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