Focus: The goal of the CLWA Marketing and Membership Committee is to increase overall awareness and understanding of CLWA and its mission for our watershed through marketing campaigns, and to increase membership and operating revenue.

Duties and Activities:

  • Work with the various CLWA committees and the Watershed Education Program to identify needs for educational outreach materials and update current promotional materials. Follow through on design, print, and distribution of materials such as brochures, Lake Friendly Living guides, Signage, event posters.
  • Maintain the CLWA website and social media pages, develop CLWA quarterly newsletter.
  • Develop marketing campaigns.
  • Administer the Annual Photo Contest with the Outreach Committee.
  • Execute annual fundraising campaigns including Fall Membership Drive and Annual Appeal.
  • Identify and solicit opportunities for presentations.
  • Conduct presentations on CLWA’s mission and benefits of membership.
  • Brainstorm with other members additional strategies for increasing membership.


Developing CLWA membership campaigns and encouraging a community focused on watershed protection!

Promoting CLWA’s Annual Photo Contest and producing a yearly calendar.

Creating outreach materials and brochures to communicate CLWA initiatves and topics on watershed health.

Maintain a listserve and send timely email notifications on important watershed topics, events, and ways to get involved.