Focus: The Community Outreach Committee strives to inspire and engage local residents, businesses, and visitors into making science based, environmentally healthy choices which improve the quality of Canandaigua Lake and to foster a sense of community stewardship of the watershed.

Duties and Activities:

  • Increase overall awareness and understanding of CLWA and its mission.
  • Organize and deliver several Viewpoints programs and hands-on activities each year which will increase understanding and appreciation of Canandaigua Lake and its watershed, and will lead to positive behaviors supporting a healthy environment.
  • Plan family friendly educational activities and programs, with guidance from the Education Committee, which lead to improved stewardship of Canandaigua Lake and its watershed.
  • Represent CLWA at various community outreach events throughout the year.  
  • Work with the Communications / Marketing Committee to review and update educational outreach materials. 
  • Work with the Communications / Marketing Committee on community-building campaigns.
  • Foster alliances with local organizations to co-sponsor and plan events.
  • Lead the Lake Friendly Living Program to encourage “best practices” among residents. Actively participate with local partners to expand the effort to include businesses, schools, and commercial buildings through the new Lake Friendly Lawn Care Coalition.


Encouraging healthy lawn care and landscapes to help protect water quality through the Lake Friendly Lawn Care Program.

Hosting educational outreach events featuring speakers and hands-on workshops.