IMG_1743The Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program (CSLAP) is a volunteer lake monitoring and education program that is managed by DEC and the New York State Federation of Lake Associations (NYSFOLA).

CSLAP has three major objectives:

  • collect lake data for representative lakes throughout NYS
  • identify lake problems and changes in water quality
  • educate the public about lake conservation

2017 was the first year of CSLAP sampling on Canandaigua Lake. Two sites were selected, a northern sampling site (northeast off Tichenor Gully, 54 m depth) sampled by Ted and Susan Carman, and a southern site (mid-lake off Willow Grove Point, 78 m depth) sampled by Dee and Bert Crofton. Our samplers went out biweekly from June to the end of September for a total of eight sampling sessions at each site.

CLWA would like to thank Dee, Bert, Ted, and Susan for their commitment to this program and for all their efforts to help us gain additional knowledge about the water quality of Canandaigua Lake!

Summary Reports of the 2017 Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program (CSLAP) program on Canandaigua Lake, provided by the DEC:

Canandaigua North Site 2017 CSLAP Report

Canandaigua South Site 2017 CSLAP Report

We look forward to our continued participation in CSLAP year after year!