Soil Heath and Nutrient Management Workshop
Thursday, February 16th 9AM-3PM
King’s Party House 

Workshop will address topics such as:  proper use of chemical nutrients and pesticides; proper storage and use of manure; and use of various environmentally friendly farming practices such as strip farming, no-till farming, and use of buffer strips

Keynote Speaker: Steve Groff, Cover Crop Coaching Holtwood, PA (Lancaster County). Co-sponsored by CLWA and Ontario County Soil and Water Conservation District.

View the full agenda here: 2.16.17 Soil Health & Nutrient Management Workshop Flyer


Past Events

On Tuesday, November 1st at FLCC, CLWA hosted its Fall Viewpoints event on the “Invasive Threats to Canandaigua Lake”. Attendees heard about the efforts being done within the watershed to monitor and manage populations of invasive species that could harm the lake, damage property values and increase the cost of filtering drinking water.

Presenters included:Nov.1.viewpoints

  • Hilary Mosher, Coordinator of the Finger Lakes Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISM), discussed the recent activities of the Water Chestnut Strike Team in removing the plant from the West River and other areas of the Finger Lakes, as well as the new threat of oak wilt to the Canandaigua area.
  • Sam Beck-Anderson of the Finger Lakes Institute at Hobart & William Smith Colleges presented a report about the success of the Watercraft Stewards in removing invasive plants and animals from 15,000 visiting boats at launches in 2016.
  • Stephen Lewandowski of the Canandaigua Lake Watershed Association reported on the movement of the tree-killing Woolly Adelgid into the Canandaigua Lake Watershed and offered positive solutions for owners of hemlock trees.

PDFs of the presentations:

Hillary Mosher: Water Chestnut Presentation

Sam Beck Anderson: Watercraft Steward Program

Steve Lewandowski: Hemlock Woolly Adelgid