The Canandaigua Lake Watershed Association is a thousand member, non-profit organization whose purpose is to protect the water quality and overall environment of the Canandaigua Lake watershed for future generations by applying scientific research, advocating sound public policy, and offering educational programs to the community.

To achieve our mission, Canandaigua Lake Watershed Association (CLWA) strives to:

  • Promote patterns of development that have a positive impact on the lake’s watershed.
  • Monitor water quality to learn about and understand changes to help mediate them.
  • Work with town governments and state agencies to help secure and implement policies and regulations intended to help preserve the lake and its assets.
  • Educate our members, local town officials, and the community about lake protection and issues.
  • Act as a partner and technical resource to other agencies and organizations involved in watershed protection.
  • Sponsor and support activities to preserve our local history and heritage, such as the annual Ring of Fire (the Saturday before Labor Day).

Interested is helping us achieve our mission? Let us know by filling out the Volunteer form on this site.